How to identify good jadeite?

Jadeite can be divided into A, B and C-quality, according to its natural degree and treatment procedures. For those who are setting foot on jadeite for the first time, one thing must be understood. Valuable jadeite must be A-quality, but not all A-quality jadeite is valuable because there is still quality differences among them. Relatively speaking, B-quality and B+C-quality jadeite are usually not worth investing in because they are often artificially forged.


Differences Among A, B, C-Quality Jadeites

First, let us understand A-quality jadeite. For those who don’t know much about it, they may misunderstand the definition of “A-quality” from other industries. For example, in today’s high-end luxury brand industry, A-quality usually represents imitations, but in the field of jade, A-quality jadeite , also known as "Authentic"(authentic), is synonymous with pure natural products. According to national standards, only natural and pure jadeite can be defined as A-quality. B/C-quality jadeite has been artificially optimized.


The name of B-quality jadeite comes from "Bathe"(bathing), which refers to jade that has been cleaned. The process usually involves soaking with strong acid to remove impurities, and then injecting colloid to make ordinary opaque jadeite instantly transparent. It can even turn the original stone-like material into glassy jadeite species! However, the jadeite treated in this way has lost its natural spirituality.


As for C-quality jadeite, it is named after “Color"(color), that is, dyed jade. Since dyeing directly on the surface of jade seems too artificial, there is B+C product, which is to first pickle to remove impurities and make the texture loose, then inject color and dye from the inside. Not only does the jadeite produced by this method have no collection value, but the dyes in it may be harmful to the human body, and long-term wear may even cause harm to the body.


Why should we stay away from B+C-Quality jadeite?

B+C-quality jadeite has no collection value because it is artificial and can be mass-produced, lacking scarcity and appreciation potential. Since the production cost of B+C-quality jadeite is extremely low, if you buy it according to its cost, you will already suffer a serious loss once purchased. In addition, the dyes of B+C jade may contain harmful substances and should not be worn for aesthetic purposes. There are many green quartz jadeite substitutes on the market, so it is not necessary to buy B+C-quality jadeite.


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