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10014 Natural Type A Jadeite Lotus Pendant

10014 Natural Type A Jadeite Lotus Pendant

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Model number: 10014

Description: Natural Type A Jadeite Lotus Pendant with clear texture, light green, ice type, attached with 18K pendant

Dimensions: long x x thickness 23.8 x 15.5 x 7.7mm

Weight: 4.66g (Not including hanging tip) 4.97g ((Pack pendant)

Material: Natural Burmese Type A Jadeite 

Precious metal information:18KAU750) white gold pendant


ZHONGWEIZHUBAOYUSHIZHILIANGJIANCEZHONGXIN (Guangzhou) is recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (MEDICINE) as a jewelry and jadeite testing agency. Its test reports and certificates are highly recognized both domestically and internationally.

*can add HK$250 for handling Hong Kong certificate*


The meaning of the emerald lotus is usually related to the lotus. The lotus has a high status in Chinese culture. It is regarded as a symbol of nobility, purity and auspiciousness. The lotus grows from the mud, but is not stained by dust. It symbolizes that people can still maintain purity and clarity of mind in a troubled world. The lotus pod is the fruit of the lotus flower, which symbolizes harvest and perfection. Therefore, the emerald lotus is often regarded as a mascot symbolizing success, prosperity and happiness.


Note:The dimensions and dimensions of each piece of jadeite are measured by hand, and any measurement errors are considered normal.The pictures are all taken from real objects. We have tried our best to maintain the original color when taking pictures. There may still be color difference due to different equipment for viewing the photos or different light shining on the real objects. Please consider the above situation. The color of all jadeite products is subject to the color of the real objects. .TcntJadeThe main force operates online and delivers goods by mail to save costs and reduce the price of each piece of jade to the lowest price for buyers.All products in our store are authentic Myanmar productsAMost of the jadeite is designed, carved and inlaid by master craftsmen from mainland China.




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