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10389 Natural Type A Jadeite Pixiu Seal

10389 Natural Type A Jadeite Pixiu Seal

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Model Number: 10389

Description: Natural Type A Jadeite Pixiu Seal with clear texture, light green, ice type.

Dimensions: Long x Width x Thickness 47.5 × 29.2 x 23.9mm

Weight: 94.75

Material: Natural Burmese Type A Jadeite 


Guangdong Provincial Jewelry Testing Center Certificate Number: 63230006581

Guangdong Provincial Jewelry Testing Center is certified, accredited and supervised by the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) recognized, which is also a member of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). Its test reports and certificates are widely recognized and used in the Chinese jewelry industry, which has certain authority and reliability.

*Can add HK$250 for handling Hong Kong certificate*


The jadeite Pixiu is a legendary mythical beast, which means to ward off evil spirits, avoid danger, attract wealth, and protect the house.In traditional Chinese culture, Pixiu is often used to protect family, business and wealth.Because it looks like a lion, with an official hat on its head, thick armor, and a lion-shaped tail, it has extremely powerful meaning.It can bring endless wealth and good luck. It is said that Pixiu can ward off evil spirits and expel ghosts and can avoid evil spirits and reduce disasters, attract wealth and eliminate evil spirits, making the wearer safe, auspicious and successful in career.



Note:The dimensions of each piece of jadeite are measured by hand, and any measurement errors are considered normal.The pictures are all taken from real objects. We have tried our best to maintain the original color when taking pictures. There may still be color differences due to different equipment for viewing the photos or different light shining on the real objects. Please consider the above situation. The color of all jadeite products is subject to the color of the real object. TcntJade mainly operates online and delivers goods by mail to save costs and reduce the price of each piece of jade to the lowest price for buyers.All products in our store are authentic Myanmar Type A products. Most of the jadeite is designed, carved and inlaid by master craftsmen from mainland China.  


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